Elias Trading

Exporting of Fruits, Nuts & amp; Pistachios, Seafood

Date Palm and decorative stones

introduction of a company
Elias Trading is one of the most prominent exporters of fruit and vegetables, dried fruits and dates in Iran. Throughout the year, this business is trying to provide all the products needed by its customers, including importers, wholesalers, chain stores, and domestic and foreign food companies.
Elias Trading is an exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables and dried fruits and dates with the highest quality throughout the world. Elias Trading has been operating to date for more than 5 years of domestic and foreign business as a reputable trading company in fruits, vegetables, nuts and dates. With well-trained management, this merchandise also provides services such as packaging, distribution, sale and transportation of fruits and vegetables. Also, this merchant is able to supply its products with brand and packaging of customers.
Exporting fruits, after hand-washing, are put into deployed workshops, and then the sourcing and packaging operations are carried out on the desired fruits.
This trade is currently exporting to the Gulf states, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Khosturv and ….
It is worth mentioning that this commercial is now also active in garnet rock.


Why choose Elias’s business for your business?

Best Quality

To attract customers, we need to offer the best quality and this quality. Therefore, customers can be always satisfied with high-quality products.

Best Price

We are the manufacturer, so you can offer the best price without intermediary

Attend International Exhibitions

Participation in numerous international exhibitions and quality and service delivery.

Exporter in the fields

Types of Fruits, Nuts and Pistachios, Seafood
Date Palm and ornamental stones

International Standard

Products with the best standard and reaching about 7 ISO is perfectly sanitary

Use of new technologies

The use of modern technology to provide and export the best quality agricultural products to different countries in the world

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